SXSW 2015: 30 Artists You Need to See

Legendary rockers, emerging rappers, underground sensations and more to catch in Austin

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The PC Music Showcase
Masha Mel10/30

The PC Music Showcase

Status: Emerging

Why You Should Pay Attention: Will "PC Music" be this year's "chillwave"? This show is going to be the epicenter for insular Internet chatter, if for no other reason than illuminating some of the questions surrounding a UK electronica collective marked by their sugary beats and the hidden identities of most of its members. An illustrative representative of this group could be (non-label signee) Sophie, a faceless musician that may or may not be a man with his voice warped to sound like a cutesy cartoon girl, who co-produced the earwormy single "Hey QT," which claims to be hawking a heretofore un-purchase-able energy elixir. It's all very high-concept, and even if it ends up being mostly concept, seeing the group live in its entirety — with Hannah Diamond, GFOTY, A. G. Cook, easyFun and others — for the first time should give attendees bragging rights for at least a few months.

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