Summer Music Preview: The Season's Must-Hear Albums

Yeezy returns, Ozzy reunites with Sabbath, QOTSA recruits Dave Grohl, and more

Ty Segall, 'Sleeper' (8/20)
Courtesy Drag City Records1/22

Ty Segall, 'Sleeper' (8/20)

After taking on the Herculean task of releasing three albums in 12 months, a lot of musicians might take some significant time off before their next release – but San Francisco garage-rock wunderkind Ty Segall doesn't work like that. After releasing Twins just last October (a solo LP that followed two collaborative records, one with his touring band, the other with White Fence), Drag City will put out Sleeper on August 20th. The album trailer, which features what could be the title track, finds Segall returning to the more lo-fi acoustic side he exhibited on 2011's Goodbye Bread, but we wouldn't be surprised if there's a healthy dose of face-melting riffage as well.

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