Summer Music Preview: The Season's Must-Hear Albums

Yeezy returns, Ozzy reunites with Sabbath, QOTSA recruits Dave Grohl, and more

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Surfer Blood, 'Pythons' (6/11)
Courtesy Warner Brothers Records15/22

Surfer Blood, 'Pythons' (6/11)

Surfer Blood recorded its second album last year in a manic eight-week recording binge in Los Angeles. The process was a far cry from that of Astro Coast, their 2010 debut, which they laid down over a few years in singer-guitarist J.P. Pitts' Florida bedroom. Pythons is of a piece with the group's hook-heavy, radio-rock roots. "There's guitars all over everything because that's kind of what we do," says Pitts. Input from producer Gil Norton (Foo Fighters, Pixies) was a welcome addition. "This guy can criticize and critique our songs and we respect what he's saying," says guitarist Tom Fekete.

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