Summer Music Preview: The Season's Must-Hear Albums

Yeezy returns, Ozzy reunites with Sabbath, QOTSA recruits Dave Grohl, and more

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Portugal. The Man, 'Evil Friends'  (6/4)
Courtesy Atlantic Records20/22

Portugal. The Man, 'Evil Friends' (6/4)

After learning producer Brian "Danger Mouse" Burton would work with them on the follow-up to their 2011 major-label debut, In the Mountain in the Cloud, Portugal. The Man scrapped a week's worth of recording. "It's not anything we could turn down," says bassist Zach Carothers, of decamping to Los Angeles and crafting Evil Friends. Burton's swampy sheen is weaved throughout the Oregon-based psych rocker's set comprised of Morse-code blips, serpentine guitar licks and even their version of hip-hop. Adds Carothers, "We've tried that kind of stuff before but we didn't know how to do it right. [Danger Mouse] definitely helped with that."

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