'Star Trek' Villains: The Top 10

'Star Trek' is full of heroes. But Starfleet wouldn't be the same without some bad guys to keep things interesting. Here are the franchise's top 10 villains of all time.

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4. Q

Q is the most powerful being on this list: A time-traveling, teleporting, virtually omnipotent member of the immortal race known as the Q Continuum. Throughout Star Trek: The Next Generation's run, he would periodically pop up and sow some extradimensional mischief. The very fact of his god-like powers – and the fact that he seems to enjoy using them mostly to taunt and toy with the Enterprise crew – means Q has to rank high on any Star Trek villains list, even if he sometimes played a more benign role when he felt like it. Always ready with a sarcastic quip, and played to the hilt by guest star John de Lancie, Q is the kind of antagonist who made any episode he appeared in worth watching.

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