Spring Music Preview 2014: 27 Must-Hear Albums

The season's hottest albums – from U2's big return to Miranda Lambert's country-pop blowout

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Old 97's, 'Most Messed Up' (April 29th)
Paul Moore17/27

Old 97's, 'Most Messed Up' (April 29th)

"There's so much perfection in this fucking business now, I don't even like it anymore," says Old 97's frontman Rhett Miller. So the Dallas alt-country band headed to Austin, recording their latest LP live over two weeks last fall – a raucous set looking back on their 20-year run, from the rollicking mission statement "Longer Than You've Been Alive" ("Most of our shows were a triumph of rock / Although some nights I might have been checkin' the clock") to debauched rockers "Wasted" and "Nashville," about the struggle to break into the hyper-competitive scene. "All the songs are sort of a meditation on this fucked-up job I do," says Miller, who wouldn't have it any other way. "I've reached a place where I get to be really proud of this catalog of work I've made. It's a good feeling. It feels like my life's work has not been for naught, you know?"

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