Spring Music Preview 2014: 27 Must-Hear Albums

The season's hottest albums – from U2's big return to Miranda Lambert's country-pop blowout

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Little Dragon, 'Nabuma Rubberband' (May 13th)
Courtesy Peacefrog10/27

Little Dragon, 'Nabuma Rubberband' (May 13th)

Three unexpected influences on Nabuma Rubberband, the fourth album from the Swedish trip-hop quartet Little Dragon: Janet Jackson slow jams, the surprisingly great sound of a hundred-dollar children's drum kit and the way building a new studio forced the group to reinvent their working methods. (The band did the physical labor themselves, including installing soundproofing – part of why the sessions took eighteen months.) And the title, which marries a common Ugandan girls' first name with everyone's favorite office supply? "It means a lot of things," says drummer Erik Boden. "It feels free and hypermodern, and it's feminine and weird." Just like the album.

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