Sly and the Family Stone: 20 Essential Songs

The best from the generation-defining funk-soul-rock legends

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"Everyday People" (1969)

"The things that were happening across the country changed us as people," said Freddy Stone in a 2013 interview with Wax Poetics. "We would begin having conversations amongst ourselves, and Sly being the genius that he is, he was putting these thoughts into songs." The album that came out of that moment, Stand!, absorbed the furious energies of the era's political and musical revolutions and spit back an LP so potent that more than half of its songs would end up being reissued just a year later on the group's Greatest Hits. "Everyday People" remains the group's pinnacle of that era, a flamboyantly utopian anthem about forging unity through difference. All that and Scooby Dooby Doo, ya'll.

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