Sinatra Rocks! Ol’ Blue Eyes' Best, Worst and Surreal Pop Covers

Legendary crooner took on songs by Paul Simon, Neil Diamond and Jim Croce

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"Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" (1974)

It's easy to see how Sinatra would connect to Jim Croce's thumping, barrelhouse hit inspired by an AWOL escapade of an ex-Army buddy. The song adapts surprisingly well to its big-band overhaul, and it wouldn't be a Sinatra cover without a few lyrical tweaks: "A man named Leroy Brown" becomes a "cat…," and "All the men just call him 'sir'" becomes "All the studs…" Still, it's preferable to last year's deplorable "Leroy Brown" parody, which was written by a California ex-cop who used it as a way to mock the shooting death of Michael Brown.

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