See Mike Rutherford's Career From Genesis to the Mechanics in 13 Videos

Guitarist tells tales behind five decades of clips

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Mike Rutherford - "Acting Very Strange," 1982

Genesis began taking time off in the early 1980s to allow for solo projects. Phil Collins obviously had tremendous success, but Rutherford's 1982 LP Acting Very Strange was pretty much a disaster. "Oh God," says Rutherford. "I haven't listened to this for a long time. I don't have good memories of this album. I wanted to try singing, but I just can't sing. It was nice to have Stewart Copeland on drums, but my voice just puts me off the album so much. I had to drink some brandy to get it going on at all. One album of me singing was enough. When you write good songs, you want a good singer to sing them."

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