See Mike Rutherford's Career From Genesis to the Mechanics in 13 Videos

Guitarist tells tales behind five decades of clips

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Mike and the Mechanics - "The Living Years" 1988

After the fiasco of Acting Very Strange, Rutherford realized he needed to recruit quality vocalists to sing his tunes. He wound up with Paul Carrack and Paul Young, and in 1985 they had huge hits with "All I Need Is a Miracle" and "Silent Running." Three years later they did it again with "The Living Years," which was inspired by the death of songwriter B.A. Robertson's father as well as the loss of Rutherford's own father. "My son Tom plays the little boy in this video," says the guitarist. "He's now 33 and living in New York. My dad died the previous year, so this was all very emotional. I do think the choir in this video should have been a greater mix of people. That was a mistake."

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