See Mike Rutherford's Career From Genesis to the Mechanics in 13 Videos

Guitarist tells tales behind five decades of clips

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Genesis - "In the Cage," 1975

Genesis played their ambitious double album The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway every night on their 1974-'75 tour, but they never filmed a single show. Only bits and pieces and surfaced over the years, like this footage of "In the Cage." "Ah, the young, skinny and handsome Peter Gabriel," says Rutherford. "This brings me back to that tour. We went out and did the whole double album before it was released. The first show was in Chicago and they'd never heard it. When it worked, it was really good. There were nights when not everything worked, but the energy carried it through. It's a shame we never filmed it, but people just didn't film much on those days."

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