See Mike Rutherford's Career From Genesis to the Mechanics in 13 Videos

Guitarist tells tales behind five decades of clips

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Genesis - "Congo," 1997

When Phil Collins quit Genesis in 1996, Rutherford and Tony Banks couldn't quite justify breaking up the band. Their last album and tour were huge successes, and they effortlessly bounced back from the departure of their first frontman. This time around, they weren't so lucky. Scottish singer Ray Wilson did a very nice job, but replacing Collins was a tall order and bands like Genesis weren't exactly the coolest of the cool in 1997. Ticket sales were so low in America that they called that leg of the tour off, but they did bring the show around Europe. Here's a live performance of their single "Congo" from the ill-fated tour. 

"I enjoyed the process of making Calling All Stations," says Rutherford. "What happened was that, suddenly, the mood changed and I sort of felt that going forward to create a new Genesis required too much work. I just didn't have it in me, and I had the Mechanics. I know that Tony and Ray wanted to carry on, but I just knew I couldn't do it."

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