'Saturday Night Live' Rocks: 25 Greatest Musical Performances

From Nirvana to Queen, we rank the 25 greatest musical performances in the history of 'Saturday Night Live'

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22. Funky 4 + 1: February 14th, 1981

In a truly historic moment, Saturday Night Live presented the first performance of rap music in the history of national network television. At the request of host and hip-hop evangelist Deborah Harry of Blondie, the Bronx's deliriously fun Funky 4 + 1 introduced Middle America to group chants, hot-potato-passing rhymes and a DJ running the show – though the band actually ended up rapping over a prerecorded track. "The people on the show were so nervous," Blondie guitarist Chris Stein said. "I remember trying to explain to them how scratching worked. Trying to verbalize what that is for someone who has no idea, it's really difficult." 

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