'Saturday Night Live' Rocks: 25 Greatest Musical Performances

From Nirvana to Queen, we rank the 25 greatest musical performances in the history of 'Saturday Night Live'

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5. Elvis Costello: December 17th, 1977

Costello was a 23-year-old punk upstart when he performed one of the most infamous acts of rebellion ever launched against a demanding record label. According to the singer, Columbia Records "insisted" he perform his understated new single "Less Than Zero" for his American debut. Instead, Costello played about 10 seconds of the song, screamed for his backing band the Attractions to stop, and burst into "Radio Radio," a protest against sanitized media that hadn't even been released yet. "The confused and indignant faces behind the camera were the funniest things we'd seen all night," Costello wrote in his memoir, "and we laughed all the way to the bar if not the bank."

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