'Saturday Night Live' Rocks: 25 Greatest Musical Performances

From Nirvana to Queen, we rank the 25 greatest musical performances in the history of 'Saturday Night Live'

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7. David Bowie: December 15th, 1979

Bowie was in his Berlin phase when he made this iconically weird SNL appearance, blending pop, punk, fashion and gender roles. He took the stage alongside unknown performance artists Joey Arias and Klaus Nomi, sang "TVC15" while wearing a dress and heels and walking a stuffed pink poodle, then put on a freaky headless marionette get-up for a rendition of "Boys Keep Swinging." "We didn't have to do anything but be ourselves that night," says Arias, who did choreography and provided backup vocals alongside Nomi. "People still come up to me on tour and say, 'You changed my life.'"

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