Salt-N-Pepa: Our Life in 15 Songs

The hip-hop pioneers tell the stories behind "Push It," "Shoop," Whatta Man" and more

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"Shake Your Thang (It's Your Thing)" (1988)

Salt: "Shake Your Thang" was once again, the genius of Hurby tapping into the D.C., Virginia, Baltimore go-go market. … The collaboration with Salt-N-Pepa and E.U. on "Shake Your Thang" was a phenomenon for that area, which, for us, made us also legit in a whole 'nother way. For being part of a movement that wasn't necessarily celebrated.

Pepa: When "Shake Your Thang" comes on [in D.C.] it's bigger than "Push It."

Salt: It doesn't matter how many times we've been there – any time we come, they come. And we're always like, "Can you believe this place is full again? We were just here six months ago." And I think they just really, really respected the fact that we helped put go-go on the map.

Pepa: We cut up our jeans [in the video]. Cut-up jeans – what, you gon' pay a thousand dollars now for some cut-up jeans – and that style did not exist then. And Salt-N-Pepa ripped their jeans up, that fashion was born from us as well, with that song. … People was looking at us like, "Their jeans is ripped." Yeah, we did it. We ripped it. 

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