Salt-N-Pepa: Our Life in 15 Songs

The hip-hop pioneers tell the stories behind "Push It," "Shoop," Whatta Man" and more

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"Gitty Up" (1998)

Salt: I think it was the first, last and only attempt the record company made to kind of put something out for [final album Brand New]. It got a lukewarm response. But that video was insane. I practically edited that video myself, because it was like, we were in that situation where nobody cared. I had to fly to L.A. and sit with the editor. They were, like, so over us at that point. I just feel like based on the the Rick James sample, the video and everything, I thought it would have done better. But, you know, everything is not gonna hit.

Pepa: Yes, I had higher hopes for that song. I don't know what happened. … I felt cheated. The video was great. The song is sexy. Our flow was great. I had high hopes for that song. Something went wrong, and I wish I could play it again.

Spinderella: It wasn't our biggest single, of course, but it was a good depiction of us being sexy, and delivering those lyrics, and we were right in our prime

Salt: I had shortly left the group after that, because it was just emotionally, so many things going on and a lot of it was the friendship between Pep and I ... it was going south. And I didn't really understand what was going on. It was just one of those really bad, bad times in our lives, in our careers, personally, and business-wise, changing record companies and not knowing where we belong. I think that was just not a good time for Salt-N-Pepa period, to put out – even try to put out – music, because of all the things that were happening between us.

It took a while. Salt-N-Pepa got back together and we grew up and we had therapy and we hashed out our differences. With Iyanla Vanzant, actually. She helped us work out some stuff. And we realized a lot of things about our relationship and what happened between us. And the bottom line is I think we both just felt under-appreciated. But we were young. Once Salt-N-Pepa started, it just never stopped. 

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