Rolling Stones Album Guide: The Good, the Great and the 'Angie'

A bluffer’s guide to the world’s greatest rock & roll Band

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'A Bigger Bang' (2005)

'A Bigger Bang' (2005)

The Stones took their time with this one, as if they had something to prove. Their toughest album in a long time.

Key Track: "Sweet Neo Con," where Mick rips Republicans a new one.

Best Keith Moment: "Infamy." If he ever decides he wants to start doing LPs of cocktail ballads, he could give Rod Stewart a run for his money.

Fresh Ones: The guys wanted new songs to play live, even if fans didn't. "They say, 'I much prefer to hear 'Brown Sugar,' " Mick said. "Well, I don't give a shit what you prefer."

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