Rob Sheffield's Top 20 Albums of 2017

From Kendrick Lamar and Taylor Swift to Kelela and Japanese Breakfast

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Taylor Swift, 'Reputation'

2. Taylor Swift, 'Reputation'

This is the fifth straight time I've gone into a new Swift album thinking "I hope she makes the exact same record she made last time" and the fifth time I've come away thinking "I'm glad she wasn't taking advice from nimrods like me." Here she brings the same level of obsessive detail to mundane adult romance she used to bring to maple latte crushes, without losing her fundamental weirdness, which she's stuck with (fortunately). I love how she spends most of the album trying to act jaded and chill, then finally gives up and jumps back into Old Tay hard enough to snap an ankle. I love how the long-buried Southern Accent Tay suddenly runs back to the phone for that one crazed "until I switched to the otherrrr side! To the otherrrr si-yi-yide!" I love how she says "therein." I even love how the one ghastly fiasco is the big statement she probably worked hardest on. Let's face it, all the Taylors want the mic all the damn time, and Reputation makes me grateful to have them all. 

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