The 98 Best Songs of 1998: Pop's Weirdest Year

In 1998, boundaries blew open and new genres were invented each week. We look back at the best, brightest and weirdest from a pivotal year in pop

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79. Total, "Trippin'"

Three very special ladies – Kima, Keisha, and Pam – put their mack hand down in a slick-as-ice R&B smash with a mirror ball's worth of Timbaland synth sparkles. The radio's twin titans, Missy and Puffy, join forces on "Trippin'" to talk about how cool Total are – as if anyone could miss it. After Bad Boy's reign on the 1997 airwaves, you'd think people might be sick of hearing Puff "uh huh" and "oh yeah" on the mic, but such was not the case – he even snagged a Top 10 hit by talking Jimmy Page into a duet remake of "Kashmir," a serious contender for the most appalling song of 1998 if not the entire century.

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