The 98 Best Songs of 1998: Pop's Weirdest Year

In 1998, boundaries blew open and new genres were invented each week. We look back at the best, brightest and weirdest from a pivotal year in pop

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93. The Donnas, "Rock & Roll Machine"

In Rock & Roll High School, P.J. Soles yearns to be the sister in the Ramones family. The Donnas clearly shared the same fantasy – Donna A., Donna C., Donna R. and Donna F. were a garage band of four California mallrat commandos out for blood and danger, with each song a chapter in the blitzkrieg-bopping life of an American teenage rock & roll machine. The Donnas played the prom in the classic high-school sex-and-murder flick Jawbreaker with Rose McGowan, bashing this out as their bad-girl manifesto.

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