The 98 Best Songs of 1998: Pop's Weirdest Year

In 1998, boundaries blew open and new genres were invented each week. We look back at the best, brightest and weirdest from a pivotal year in pop

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51. The Dixie Chicks, "There's Your Trouble"

The Dixie Chicks introduced themselves in "There's Your Trouble," the first hit from their classic Wide Open Spaces, coming on like the TLC of country radio with their crazy-sexy-cool style. The Dallas trio had their own sound from the start: Martie Siedel on fiddle, Emily Erwin on banjo and dobro, Natalie Maines talking trash. You can already hear in "There's Your Trouble" these are GRITS (girls raised in the South) with a lifetime supply of salt, and they've never faltered in that department, getting banned for everything from "mattress dancin'" to first-degree murder to overthrowing the government. The Dixie Chicks rocked "Daddy Lessons" with their fellow class-of-'98 star Beyonce at the 2016 CMA awards.

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