The 98 Best Songs of 1998: Pop's Weirdest Year

In 1998, boundaries blew open and new genres were invented each week. We look back at the best, brightest and weirdest from a pivotal year in pop

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76. Master P, "Make 'Em Say Uhh!"

Master P and his No Limit empire blew up in the late Nineties, selling gazillions of records to the shock of practically everyone outside New Orleans. Master P let out his trademark groan of pain – "uuunnngh!" – on his own albums, while cranking out the hits from No Limit soldiers like Mystikal, Mo B. Dick, Fiend, Mia X (the self-proclaimed "Ghetto Sara Lee") and Silkk the Shocker. He wrote, produced and directed straight-to-video flicks like I'm Bout It, starring himself; in his spare time he played pro ball, signing with the Charlotte Hornets. Master P made New Orleans impossible to ignore, at a time when the industry didn't want to know. A key part of the No Limit legacy: those fabulously lurid Pen & Pixel 3D album covers, with their Photoshop collages of diamond-studded logos, cars, crucifixes, cigars and dogs with glowing eyeballs.

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