Rihanna's 30 Greatest Songs, Ranked

From "Pon de Replay" to "Umbrella"

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10. "Needed Me" (2016)

If anyone was still in doubt about Ms. Fenty's zero-tolerance policy toward the male of the species, "Needed Me" set them straight – it's the coldest, toughest, meanest of her sexual unfollows. You might have to go back to vintage Mick Jagger to find an erotic conquistador this ruthless, as she mocks a jilted fling for being dumb enough to fall in love with her, "trying to fix your inner issues with a bad bitch." While DJ Mustard pumps up the hardest of West Coast hip-hop bass, Ri asks her latest victim, "Didn't they tell you I was a savage?/Fuck your white horse and your carriage." Harmony Korine directed the controversial (and definitely NSFW) video, where Rihanna struts into a strip club to face the thug who made the mistake of pissing her off. He tosses her a wad of Benjamins; she makes it rain bullets. Not her first man-killing video, and probably not her last.

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