Record Store Day 2015: The Ultimate Guide

From a Metallica demo to Elvis' first acetate, these are the best releases of this year's event

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Record Store Day's hip-hop releases seem to targeted at crate-diggers who are content with browsing the new releases. Those fans will have their choice between two J Dilla 7-inches: One, "Love," advertises unreleased material; the other, "Fuck the Police," has been out of print for a decade and will be released on a badge-shaped picture disc. A single degree of separation away, KMD (the early group of Dilla collaborator MF Doom) will be issuing their long-shelved Black Bastards in a CD box set. The record was once held for its controversial cover art – now, it comes with a pop-up book.

Going back a little further, Wu-Tang Clan will be issuing "Protect Ya Neck" and "Method Man" (and a combined five remixes of those tracks) on yellow and black vinyl. The Best of Sugarhill Gang will become available as a double-LP, and "The Message" will be released in the 7-inch covers series, with Grandmaster Flash on the A side and Irish punks Stiff Little Fingers on the B.

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