Record Store Day 2014 Ultimate Buyer's Guide

A genre-by-genre tip sheet to the best releases arriving Saturday

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Courtesy Atlantic Records8/10


With DJs moving on to MP3s and Scratch Live, it's mostly collectors and fans who are buying, say, the Disclosure "Apollo" Record Store Day exclusive. Of course, the record sounds great no matter who's playing it, and on Saturday it will enter stores alongside similar 12-inches from Zedd ("Find You) and John Morales, who will be providing M+M mixes of Inner Life's "Ain't No Mountain" and Salsoul's "You're Just the Right Size." Elsewhere, the renewed interest in Chicago's Dance Mania Records continues with a new reissue of harder-to-find ghetto house tracks, and Skrillex changes the tempo by releasing March's Recess on, yes, cassette.

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