Record Store Day 2014 Ultimate Buyer's Guide

A genre-by-genre tip sheet to the best releases arriving Saturday

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Courtesy EMI Nashville5/10


This year's most notable country music Record Store Day releases come from a pair of artists who have been dead for a combined century: All 24 tracks off Hank Williams' The Garden Spot Programs, 1950, a collection of radio shows the singer made halfway through the century, will hit stores in the middle of May, but come Saturday a 10-inch EP will give fans an advance listen to a select eight. And while many of Bob Wills' Tiffany Transcriptions — selections from radio shows the King of Western Swing had recorded a few years prior — were released in 2009, a new 12-inch packages ten remaining cuts into a single LP. Among the living, stand-outs include Steve Earle's Townes: The Basics tribute, Dolly Parton's new "Blue Smoke"/"Home" 7-inch and the vinyl release of Eric Church's The Outsiders, which is said to include a bonus track featuring a cover of the Beatles' "Come Together."

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