Readers' Poll: The 10 Best Van Halen Albums

See which album managed to top '1984,' 'Diver Down' and 'Fair Warning'

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9. 'Van Halen II'

Van Halen II and Rocky II were released just three months apart in 1979, and they both faced a similar issue: How can anyone follow a note-perfect debut that stunned the world? The originals were created by unknowns, but the sequels faced the weight of enormous expectation. If you stick too closely to the template, critics will call the work a pointless retread; if you change it too much, you risk alienating the fans.

Van Halen did what they could to push those thoughts from their heads, and over a few weeks they crafted a killer album utilizing many tracks that had been sitting around for a couple of years. Note for note, it isn't as flawless as the first album, but "Dance the Night Away" and "Beautiful Girls" were huge hits that proved that the group was no one-album wonder. 

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