Readers' Poll: The 10 Best Van Halen Albums

See which album managed to top '1984,' 'Diver Down' and 'Fair Warning'

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7. 'OU812'

Back in 1988, people still wondered whether David Lee Roth or Van Halen would fare better after their split three years earlier. The latter got off to a very strong start with 5150, but Roth also landed a bunch of songs on the radio and his wild persona made him perfect for MTV. In January of 1988, he released created Skyscraper, containing the hits "Just Like Paradise" and "Damn Good." Steve Vai was writing with him and it seemed like he might become a genuine solo star. 

Van Halen responded four months later with OU812, a slick album that reached Number One and produced "Finish What Ya Started," "Black and Blue," "When It's Love" and "Feels So Good." It ultimately went platinum four times over. Roth just couldn't compete, and over the next few years he saw his solo career turn to dust while Van Halen continued to be one of the biggest bands in the land. 

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