Readers' Poll: The 10 Best Van Halen Albums

See which album managed to top '1984,' 'Diver Down' and 'Fair Warning'

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3. '5150'

Not many bands survive the loss of its lead singer, especially one as iconic as charismatic as David Lee Roth. But thankfully Eddie had the state of mind to call his group Van Halen and not the David Lee Roth Project. Not long after things went south with Dave, the brothers simply brought in Sammy Hagar, headed into 5150 Studios in Studio City, California, and cut an album named after the studio. Anticipation was high for the project, and they delivered with songs like "Dreams," "Best of Both Worlds" and "Why Can't This Be Love." It was one of the most seamless transitions to a new singer (outside of AC/DC) in rock history and it gave the band another 10 years at the top of the rock world. 

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