Readers' Poll: The 10 Best Van Halen Albums

See which album managed to top '1984,' 'Diver Down' and 'Fair Warning'

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4. '1984'

Many have forgotten that Van Halen were beginning to fade when they dropped 1984 in the first week of the year made famous by George Orwell. Their last non-cover song to hit the Top 40 was released back in 1979, and album sales were decreasing. Then came 1984: It was the first mega-album of that super-charged year, and "Panama," "Jump" and "Hot for Teacher" were all over the radio and MTV. The album sold by the millions, even if some original fans were alienated by the poppy tunes and use of synthesizers. This was the peak of Van Halen's popularity, and the final time the original lineup worked together. 

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