Readers' Poll: The 10 Best Rolling Stones Deep Cuts

These tracks weren't released as singles, but they remain some of the most memorable tunes in rock history

10. "Fingerprint File"

The Rolling Stones 1974 LP, It's Only Rock 'n Roll, is best remembered for its hit title track, but the album wraps up with a song that's equally impressive. The six-and-a-half minute "Fingerprint File" is an insanely funky tune where Mick Jagger sings from the perspective of an extremely paranoid man who believes he's being tracked by the FBI. Jagger played rhythm guitar himself, and the song almost sounds like it could have been a Sly & the Family Stone outtake. It was the first of many dance songs the Stones would try out in the 1970s. They haven't played it since the summer of 1975 and it's hard to imagine it ever coming back into the set list, but hardcore fans will go insane should they ever give it a shot.