Readers' Poll: The 10 Best Rock Biopics

'Walk the Line,' 'The Buddy Holly Story' and more musical action on the big screen

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1. 'The Doors'

Oliver Stone's 1991 Doors biopic was so polarizing that even the three surviving members of the band didn't agree about it. Robby Krieger and Ray Manzarek tore it to shreds as ridiculous and wildly historically inaccurate, while John Densmore — who served as a consultant on the film — was far less critical and said he enjoyed parts of it. Still, little of this mattered to the hordes of young people that first learned about the myth of the Doors through this movie. It kicked off yet another revival for the band, with sales of their albums and merchandise spiking wildly in the months after the film hit theaters. And even the harshest critics were forced to admit that Val Kilmer did a pretty amazing job as Jim Morrison, even nailing his vocal style. Also, did anyone really expect Oliver Stone to stick strictly to the facts? What fun would that have been?

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