Readers' Poll: The 10 Best Rock Biopics

'Walk the Line,' 'The Buddy Holly Story' and more musical action on the big screen

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4. 'Control'

Many of the most iconic photographs of Joy Division were taken by Anton Corbijn, so he was the perfect choice to direct this 2007 biopic about Ian Curtis. It's a bleak story of a troubled young man that committed suicide at the age of 23, and this film doesn't hold much back. Shot in black and white, it shows Curtis dealing with constant seizures, severe depression, a disintegrating marriage and an affair with a Belgian journalist. Along the way, he created some of the greatest music of the post-punk era with his band Joy Division. The surviving members, who went on to form New Order, created music for the movie. It's the last time they worked with bassist Peter Hook. There's precious little footage of the real Joy Division, so for diehard fans of the band this movie has become the best next thing.

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