Readers' Poll: The 10 Best Punk Albums

See what managed to top 'Raw Power,' 'Rocket to Russia' and 'London Calling'

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3. The Ramones, 'The Ramones'

Nobody involved in the creation of the first Ramones album realized they were making history. The label gave them a budget of just $7,000, and it insisted they cut it in a matter of days. "The engineers couldn't understand what we were doing," Tommy Ramone told Rolling Stone shortly before his death in 2014. "I'm sure the engineer thought he was just recording one song, over and over." They'd actually written 14 extremely distinct songs, like "Blitzkrieg Bop," "Judy Is a Punk" and "Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World." The latter horrified many at the label with lyrics that included: "I'm a Nazi schatze/ Y'know I fight for fatherland," but they released it anyway. It peaked at #111, but Sire knew they had something special and they stuck with the Ramones. Had they dropped them, music history might have been very different. 

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