Readers' Poll: The 10 Best Punk Albums

See what managed to top 'Raw Power,' 'Rocket to Russia' and 'London Calling'

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4. The Clash, 'The Clash'

The Ramones may have not made much of an impact in America after their first couple of albums, but crowds in England went crazy for them and within weeks of their first British shows, punk bands were popping up all over the country. One of the most promising ones was the Clash, which was assembled by Bernie Rhodes, an early associate of the Sex Pistols. The four members of the Clash didn't really know each other when they came together, but they quickly developed a tight bond, and singer Joe Strummer and guitarist Mick Jones proved to be an amazing songwriting team. They co-wrote nearly every song on the group's 1977 self-titled debut, including classics "White Riot," "I'm so Bored With the USA" and "Career Opportunities." Critics in England went nuts for it, but the American label didn't get it and wouldn't put it in stores for another two years. 

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