Readers' Poll: The 10 Best Post-1990s Radiohead Songs

See what song managed to top "Idioteque," "All I Need" and "Pyramid Song"

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4. "Weird Fishes/Arpeggi"

In Rainbows is clearly a remarkably popular album with our readers. Six of the 10 tracks on this list come from that album, compared with a mere two for Kid A and just one for Amnesiac and Hail to the Thief. This one – which first surfaced during a 2005 performance by Thom Yorke, Johnny Greenwood and the Nazareth Orchestra – is about chasing someone to the end of the earth, and then falling into a strange pool of water. "I get eaten by the worms," Yorke sings. "Weird fishes/Get picked over by the worms." 

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