Readers' Poll: The 10 Best Post-1990s Radiohead Songs

See what song managed to top "Idioteque," "All I Need" and "Pyramid Song"

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6. "Idioteque"

On October 14th, 2000 Kate Hudson hosted Saturday Night Live. Jimmy Fallon goofed around about Meet the Parents during Weekend Update, Will Ferrell mocked Governor George W. Bush in a skit about the presidential debates and Darrell Hammond played Bill Clinton for one of the last times during the man's actual presidency. Also, Radiohead delivered maybe the greatest performance in the 40-year history of the show. Kid A had only been in stores for 12 days and, even though it was a surprise Billboard smash, most of America still wasn't prepared for "Idioteque." Yorke moved around the stage like a man possessed, belting out lyrics like "Ice age coming/Throw it on the fire." Yorke hasn't talked about the song much, but it seems to at least partially be about climate change. It's been a key part of their live set for the past 16 years, but it's never sounded quite as perfect as it did that night on SNL.

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