Readers' Poll: The 10 Best Post-1990s Radiohead Songs

See what song managed to top "Idioteque," "All I Need" and "Pyramid Song"

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9. "All I Need"

About six weeks into Radiohead's 2006 tour of American theaters, the group introduced a brand new song at Chicago's Auditorium Theater. "This is something we sketched out earlier," Thom Yorke told the crowd. That sketch was pretty detailed since the song didn't change much at all before it appeared on  the record well over a year later, though that version was cobbled together from various takes. "We deliberately did this thing to get a series of disembodiment when we were assembling tracks," Yorke said. "For instance 'All I Need' was the outcome of four different versions of it. It was all the best bits together." The song was a regular on the In Rainbows tour, though it became an extreme rarity on the 2012 King of Limbs outting, popping up a mere four times. 

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