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Readers' Poll: The 10 Best Post-1990s Radiohead Songs
Radiohead performing in Germany in November 2003. snapshot photography/ullstein bild/Getty

When Radiohead fans picked up Kid A at their local record stores on October 2nd, 2000 many of them didn't know what to make of the strange album. The experimental music was a far cry from 1990s guitar-driven tunes like "Paranoid Android" and "The Bends" (not to mention their breakthrough hit "Creep"), and on first play many were disappointed. This was music that took a few listens to sink in and reveal itself. As the decade wore on, Radiohead would continue to challenge their fans, and many of those same fans disappointed by Kid A at first listen are screaming along to every word of "Idioteque" and "The National Anthem" at the group's concerts these days. They've become the old classics. In honor of A Moon Shaped Pool, we asked Radiohead fans to vote for their favorite post-1990s tunes by the band. Here are the results.