Readers' Poll: The 10 Best Post-1970s Neil Young Songs

See what song managed to beat 'Harvest Moon,' 'Philadelphia' and 'I'm The Ocean'

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6. "Crime in the City"

Not long after Neil Young settled his nasty lawsuit with David Geffen in 1987, something inside him seemed to bloom and amazing new tunes began pouring out again. The timing could have been coincidental, but it was clear he had little interest in giving Geffen top-shelf material when he didn't feel respected at the label. One of great new tunes emerged in August of 1988 when Young was on tour with the Bluenotes. First called "Sixty to Zero" and then "Crime in the City," the song is a frantic screed about people slowly losing their minds in a wild city. He hasn't played it a single time since the 2003 Greendale tour. 

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