Readers' Poll: The 10 Best Paul Simon Deep Cuts

See what song managed to top "Obvious Child," "Hearts and Bones" and "American Tune"

10. "Hearts and Bones"

Paul Simon originally intended for his 1983 LP Hearts and Bones to be a reunion project with Art Garfunkel, but when his marriage to Carrie Fisher collapsed, his new songs became so personal that he couldn't imagine singing them with anybody else. Garfunkel is pissed about that to this day, but a single listen to the title track makes it clear that Simon made the right call. The "one and one half Jews" taking the trip to Mexico are clearly Simon and Fisher, and when he sings, "Why can't you love me for who I am?" you can hear the agony in his voice. (Sidenote: This is the same year Fisher wore the famous metal bikini in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.)

"Hearts and Bones" wasn't released as its own single, though it was the B side to "Graceland" in 1986. The song didn't get a lot of live play when it was new, but ever since 2011 its been a regular part of Simon's concert repertoire.