Readers' Poll: The 10 Best Neil Young Deep Cuts

See what managed to top "On the Beach," "Expecting to Fly" and "Don't Be Denied"

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4. "Revolution Blues"

David Crosby got roped into playing guitar on this creepy On the Beach tune, but the tale of a Charles Manson-like figure freaked him out and to this day he says he doesn't care for the song. It's certainly hard to imagine the former Byrd writing a song from the perspective of a murderous psychopath with lines like, "Well, I hear that Laurel Canyon is full of famous stars/But I hate them worse than lepers and I'll kill them in their cars." But it was a reflection of the difficult time when the (supposedly) peaceful 1960s had given way to the violent, coked-out 1970s. Young hasn't touched the song since a one-off Crazy Horse gig in 1987. 

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