Readers' Poll: The 10 Best Bruce Springsteen Songs of the 1980s

See what song managed to top 'I'm On Fire,' 'Hungry Heart' and 'Atlantic City'

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9. "One Step Up"

One of the wisest choices Bruce Springsteen made in his entire career was realizing that Born in the U.S.A. couldn't be topped. Any attempt to write "Dancing in the Dark Part II" or "More Glory Days" would have been an absolute disaster. Instead, he took a couple years off and emerged with the highly introspective Tunnel of Love. His marriage to actress Julianne Phillips was just two years old but it wasn't working out, and he poured all of his heartache into songs like "One Step Up." This is anything but a radio song, but Springsteen had so much residual Born in the U.S.A. popularity that it actually reached Number 13 on the Hot 100.

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