Readers' Poll: The 10 Best Bruce Springsteen Songs of the 1980s

See what song managed to top 'I'm On Fire,' 'Hungry Heart' and 'Atlantic City'

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2. "I'm on Fire"

Bruce Springsteen became so incredibly famous in the mid-1980s he probably could have pulled a David Bowie and started taking movie roles. (Imagine him playing, say, a gym teacher in the Breakfast Club. It would have been weird.) Anyway, he was smart enough to not go down that path, but the video for "I'm on Fire" gives you an idea of what it might have looked like. He portrays an auto mechanic that catches the eye of a wealthy woman clearly interested in some sort of illicit tryst. He drives out to her house, but he ultimately opts to resist the temptation. It's sort of a much darker look at Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl" video. The song was the fourth single from Born in the U.S.A., and it hot Number 6 on the Hot 100. For whatever reason, he rarely drags it out in concert. 

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