Readers' Poll: The 10 Best Bruce Springsteen Songs of the 1980s

See what song managed to top 'I'm On Fire,' 'Hungry Heart' and 'Atlantic City'

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8. "Hungry Heart"

In March of 1979, Bruce Springsteen and Steve Van Zandt went to the Fast Lane club in Asbury Park to see the Ramones. "After the show, he came backstage," Joey Ramone said years later. "This was around the time he gave Patti Smith 'Because the Night.' I said to him, 'Would you write us a song?' He went home and, inspired by us, wrote 'Hungry Heart.' He played it for his manager [Jon] Landau, and Landau [wanting to keep his] commission for himself, told him to keep it...I feel like he owes us something. He was inspired by us, wrote this song and then takes the money and runs." Bruce would probably phrase these events slightly differently, but it is undeniably true that "Hungry Heart" was originally meant for the Ramones. Too bad they never got around to covering it. 

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