Readers' Poll: The 10 Best Blink-182 Songs

See what song managed to top "Adam's Song," "All the Small Things" and "The Rock Show"

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7. "Carousel"

The "Big Bang" of Blink-182 took place in the summer of 1992 when Tom DeLonge met Mark Hoppus and began jamming in a garage. The very first song they worked on was DeLonge's "Carousel," and they realized almost immediately they had strong chemistry. "Carousel" appeared on their 1994 demo Buddha and has been a key part of their live show for the past two decades.  "I always feel I wish I wrote better lyrics, yet at the time it was so different for pop-punk," DeLonge told Rolling Stone in 2013. "It was, like, so fast. But how we play it now so many different years and so many people like it or whatever... I had a really interesting moment with that song last night trying to figure out why it's still around."

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