Readers' Poll: The 10 Best Albums of 2014

Tom Petty, Lana Del Rey, U2 and more: see how our readers' ranked the year's greatest music

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Lana Del Rey, 'Ultraviolence'

3. Lana Del Rey, 'Ultraviolence'

For her third album, Lana Del Rey assembled an incredible team of producers including Dan Auerbach, Paul Epworth and Greg Kurstin. They put together a disc that instantly shut up all the haters and guaranteed that her legacy won't be a botched Saturday Night Live appearance. 

The album had a difficult birth. "There was a lot of bullshit I'm not used to," Auerbach told Rolling Stone. "The label says, 'We're not going to give you the budget to extend this session unless we hear something.' And we send them the rough mix and they fucking hate it and they hate the way it's mixed. And it's like, 'Thanks, asshole.'"

Thankfully, the label eventually heard the brilliance in Ultraviolence. "Every criticism that I'd ever heard about her was proven wrong when I was in the studio with her," Auerbach says. "From how great the songs were to how confident she is as a musician to her fucking singing every song live, with a handheld microphone and a seven-piece band. I mean, get the fuck out of here, who does that? Nobody does that, there hasn't been a number one pop record that was recorded like that in 40, 50 years."

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