Readers' Poll: The 10 Best Albums of 2014

Tom Petty, Lana Del Rey, U2 and more: see how our readers' ranked the year's greatest music

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Jack White, 'Lazaretto'

4. Jack White, 'Lazaretto'

Jack White spent about 18 months recording Lazaretto, his second solo disc. He started while on tour in 2012. "I wanted to catch stuff while we were still on tour, while we were still electric," he told Rolling Stone. "‘We're a band right now, let's record right now.' I didn't wanna come back and reintroduce ourselves to each other."

Many of the songs were inspired by a group of short stories he wrote when he was 19. "That was a way of stimulating me," he says. "What if I talk to my younger self and work together with him? What if you write songs with your younger self's ideas?"

The result is a killer collection of songs, reminiscent of some of his best work in the White Stripes and The Raconteurs. "I really love the guitar sounds and the solos that happened on this record," White says. "I was looking at songwriting in a different way. With this record, I got to new places. I never played in drop-D tuning before, for one thing, and the solos were recorded live, in the room, at the time, the first thought out of my head."

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